At Kua, we answer two important questions ...

Your Impact

Where does your coffee come from?

Small-holder farming families, Uganda … 

Kua coffee is sourced direct from the steep slopes of Mount Elgon. We buy in a way that improves farmer wellbeing; meaning UTZ certification, hungry-season bonuses and sustainable farming workshops. 

Like Richard. 

One of our Zukuka Bora farmers, standing atop his five acre plot. With eight children to school, a sustained source of income is pretty important. But, recent landslides, erratic weather patterns and unpredictable harvests make this near impossible… 

We fight for climate justice. 

That’s why, in 2020, we'll be using 100% of our profits to help farmers like Richard build climate resilience on their farms. Through a unique partnership with ECOTRUST, Mount Elgon families will be supported to plant native trees and build terraced water-ways; regreening the mountain and stabilising its slopes.

Download our 2020 Impact and sourcing model here.

Where does your coffee end up?

Community gardens across Sydney … 

Coffee is a natural fertiliser, exfoliant and mushroom substrate … why would used grounds end up in landfill? We work with local reuse organisations to give your spent coffee grounds a second life.

Like Randwick Community Centre

Here your coffee is used to educate the community on composting and sustainable practices. This is Hamish, delivering coffee grounds for the next compositing workshop.

Welcome to the circular economy. 

We’re moving towards a future of reuse: a future where we design out waste. Kua’s partners with manufacturers to explore new and productive uses for coffee grounds. Request a delivery of used coffee below.

Download our 2020 Impact and sourcing model here.


Enjoyed across Australia. Ethically sourced and delicious.


saved from landfill. Every kilogram of used coffee grounds collected eliminates 0.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. 


of Mt Elgon Land made resilient to climate change. Every cup of Kua coffee funds ecosystem restoration through conservation initiatives where our coffee is grown.

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