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Climate Positive

All the right ingredients for a classic startup story: a university trip to Uganda, a share-house with six bedrooms, unlimited access to a professional podcast studio and an urge to act on climate change.

Two teams, from Uganda and Australia, celebrate the start of their partnership.
Kua's original storage and operations shed.
Early days in the original Kua sharehouse.
Dinnertime presentation in the original sharehouse.
Darcy breaks down during an impromptu kitchen discussion.
The September 2019 global climate strike.
Sourcing discussions between site visits. Mbale, Uganda.
The VR camera we took to Uganda in 2019 and 2020.
WFW (working from waterfall).
Hamish (operations and coffee at Kua) reviewing raw green beans for quality.
Kua's founding team, celebrating a partnership with The Commons, Sydney.
2T of Kua branded coffee lands in Sydney.
Mars (Kua roast and coffee advisor) and Hamish
The original Happy Days Shirt
A Kua strategy day
The first Kua Podcast
Digby (Brand and Design) in the Kua shed.
Lachie in the Kua sharehouse.
Randwick Community Garden. Long-time Re-Use partners and recyclers of Kua's used coffee grounds.
In-office workshops.
Virtual journey to Mount Elgon coffee farms.
Filming the CameraSwap video.
Bri with the other winners of the 2022 Global Solutions World Policy Forum pitch.

July 2018: Luke, Isaac and Brody celebrate the start of a new partnership after Kua purchases one tonne of coffee.


What does Climate Positive mean?

Sourcing for Impact

A lot going on at a coffee bean collection station

Sourcing for Impact

Kua Foundation purchases coffee from smallholder farmers that have long suffered at the intersection of poverty and exploitative coffee markets; climate change will only deepen these struggles. Kua Foundation sells ethically sourced green coffee to Kua Company, generating funds for the provision of benevolent relief delivered by local partners. Read our Ethical Sourcing and Partnerships Framework here.

Minimum Waste

Two hands grasp some compost

Minimum Waste

The coffee industry’s wrap-in-plastic then send-to-landfill model is clearly not sustainable. Low impact or circular alternatives are needed to reduce waste and connect consumers with coffee’s true environmental impact. All Kua packaging is either reusable or home compostable. For large business customers we partner with local organisations to recycle used coffee grounds.

Carbon Negative

Ugandan farmers stand in a plot of land

Carbon Negative

All businesses must take responsibility for their carbon emissions. Kua has been carbon negative since 2019 and is committed to measuring, reducing and communicating its business and product footprint each year. Learn more about our 200% offset program and measurement here.

Social Enterprise

Kua has two entities - a Charity and a Company. In simple terms, Kua Foundation buys coffee and sells it to Kua Pty Ltd, generating revenue for work that improves the livelihoods of smallholder communities. This structure ensures Kua will always be impact first:

A diagram illustrating the division between Kua as a charity and commercial entity


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