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The people are singing and dancing after their swearing in at Bunawire Primary School
People are cruising and harvesting onion and bananas on Mt Wanale as you have seen.
I am Chebet Michael. I am aged 48 years, born 1972. I am from Ngenyin Village, Mariny Parish, Amukoh sub-county, Kapchorwa district bordering Sipi sub-country - working as a security person as well as a Supervisor in Zukuka Bora Company.
Workers at Muyanda Site packing coffee in the bags for storage.
Showing flow water in Wanale National Park and the supplies in two SIGS Wanale and Budwale.
Here is the home of Mubajji Richard C/man LCI Buckanakwa Village who is now working with Zukuka Bora Company
This is a coffee plantation and it is well maintained. Preparing to sell Zukabora Lm in Bukhanakwa buying station.
Kamayklen Jacob. This is my last born, born in 2005, aged 15 yrs old.
Cherykut Irine. This is my beloved woman, born 1974, age 46 yrs old. I married her in 1993, we have our 5 children - 3 boys and 2 girls.
Farm one. This is my farm I bought in the year 1999.
This man is working in his coffee plantation for the best yield in October - December
Chebet Veronica. This is my sister's third born. Born in the year 1977, aged 42 yrs.
This is a group of people celebrating the circumcision.
One of our farmers gardens in Sipi.
Workers at Muyanda Site packing coffee in the bags for storage.
Chemonges Geofrey. This is our last born, born 2003, making 15 yrs old.
This is the way from Walelela trading centre to Bukhanakwa buying centre in Habanyole Parish
Dave giving a motivational speech to the team
People are working in the garden of Coffee and Passionfruits and they are eating lunch.
Chebitira Gloria. This is the wife of my first born, born in 1996, aged 24 yrs old.
Coffee fermenting in sacks for our experimental process.
Team meeting, buying coffee cherries from Bukhanakua site.
The family of Mibajji Richard having breakfast after coming from garden.
Chemutai Rophinah. This is my mother, born in 1955, aged 65 yrs old.
Musani Alfred. This is my second beloved brother, born of 1974, aged 47 yrs old.
Coffee farmers offloading coffee from a truck. Mount Elgon, Uganda. World Positive Coffee.
Natural coffee drying in the greenhouse.
Workers at Muyanda Site packing coffee in the bags for storage
Chemonges Eliot. This is my third born, born 1998, aged 22 yrs old.
It is time for harvesting beans in their garden. To fight poverty in the area.
This is my house where I stay with my family in the same village.
Here people are buying and selling in the garden of onions.
Here is showing Mbale City on Haboa road in time elections and some are happy but some are not. Those are in Mbale City dancing because they elect their mayor in Mbale City.
Chemonges Martin. This is my fifth brother, born in the year 1990, aged 30 yrs old.
Dry coffee being weighed before going to the store. World Positive Coffee.
This is the way of controlling soil erosion in Wanale sub-country by digging contour band.
Farm two. This is my farm I bought in the year 18-11-2006. This is the farm where deliver the cherries from.
Cheptoris Judith. This is my beloved sister, fourth born of 1980, making 40 yrs old.
Joy and Faith. These are my grandchildren for my first born.The first grand daughter is born 2017, aged 3 yrs and other grand daughter is born 2019, aged 1 yr old.
Fuan in control.
Our sipi buying station.
This is a group photo of Mayi Olive Lulaba together with the women in coffee plantation. These women get money from coffee and put it to saving in their village women save scheme.
Samson is one of the farmers of coffee around the mountains showing how to maintain the garden.
He is carrying a back of banana taking in the market to get some money.
Issac navigating a car rough terrain on Mount Elgon, Uganda. World Positive Coffee.
The team managing the plant / tree nursery.
These people are wasting time drinking Mahura and it shows poverty in the area.
Morning commute up the mountain to visit the washing station.
Coffee makers, Uganda
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The swimming - Bronte rock pool :) perhaps my favourite spot to swim in the world + lots of friendly locals.
Making Kua coffee..
The working (and second pour of coffee). Monday morning virtual team meeting at 9:15 am, deserves a second.
Even though we are renting and only have a small garden we try and grow some plants and vegetables. Our coffee grinds usually get composted with our food scraps, or, like here, straight to our blueberries to help them grow. It was important to me to show that nothing goes to waste and the coffee is appreciated by all things living.
Hamish standing with bags of Zukuka Bora coffee from Mount Elgon.
The pouring - I like my coffee with a dash of milk.
Hamish grinding coffee into the Kua drums.
Luke finishing off the pot.
Rituals. We've included our dog Soca into coffee making. Twice a day she runs to the wardrobe in the bedroom to open it and bring us our coffee. Of course she has to put it back too. It brings us joy and she loves having a task to fulfil.
Xanthe (Books and Customer Managment), Hamish (Operations) & Darcy (Strategy) meeting over a morning coffee.
After travelling more than 1400km from Mount Elgon, Uganda, a box full of cameras arrives safely in Sydney.
Lachie and Lauren working on Kua's carbon footprint assessment.
Meeting with Marlene, Josh and Rafe, interns working with Kua on the Kua At Home project.
Cold winter mornings often means we sit outside the back of the house to soak up some warmth. Work can wait a minute or two.
Packing CameraSwap cameras to be sent out to coffee drinkers.
Post work coffee, golden hour near the rockpool in Bronte.
Packing coffee to be sent out.
Van packed with coffee equiptment.
Hamish in the van off to deliver coffee.
Coffee and biscuits, Anastasia's birthday.
The walking -  approx 4 min walk to Bronte Beach. No shoes, towel of coffee, it's spring! So lots of flowers on the way.
The sharing - (with a view) housemates love Kua coffee too, always nice to share.
Another 'working from home' day.
Jacaranda blooming season, walks with coffee.
Sunrise meditation followed by morning coffee.
Coffee drinkers, Australia
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In late 2020 Kua sent five film cameras to coffee farmers on Mount Elgon. At the same time, cameras were sent out to Kua coffee drinkers in Sydney, drinking the coffee that was grown by those same farmers.

The CameraSwap is a project about connection. Kua hands the camera over, asking coffee farmers and coffee drinkers to tell their own stories. The captions below each image are notes made by CameraSwap participants when taking their photos.

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