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Kua Airscape Jar 1kg White
Kua Airscape Jar
Kua Airscape Jar

Kua Airscape Jar

Perfect for keeping Kua coffee fresh.
Recycle a decommissioned Kua jar or order new.
Carbon neutral shipping included.


Free shipping across Australia

Such an inspiring organization who think so deeply about creating impact and shifting mindsets.

Peta, Melbourne

Just wanted to say omg, the ‘Gold’ seasonal single is seriously so delicious!! Can’t get enough of it. I’m enjoying the classic as a stove top, but loving the gold going through my mocca master.

Liv, Sydney

My work (Canva) switched me onto you guys and I think what you’re doing is dope.

Jackson, Sydney

I'm brewing it on a V60 and getting great results. Super balanced and delicious after playing around and finding the right method.

Samuel, Sydney

Every morning I start by taking my dog for a walk. We usually walk along Swan River or to an oval and play there. When I am back I make myself a cup of almond cappuccino. During lockdown last year I bought a coffee machine and now I get perfect foam everytime.

Thanks to everyone involved in making Kua coffee - you make my mornings brighten!

Happy days, Lara

Lara, Perth

No waste. I love that I can literally compost everything (though I keep the boxes to reuse for packages, they're good).

Naomi, Kariong

I'm a software engineer at Canva and I found out about Kua through work. They use Kua coffee beans in the office in Sydney. Now I work remotely and I like to think that I have the same coffee as my colleagues and it makes me feel more connected.

Lara, Perth

If you're looking for delicious coffee from a great company, this is a fantastic option. I chatted with a member of the team before I placed an order and he was super helpful and kind. I ordered a bag of their at-home blend and it came in just a couple days.

Samuel, Sydney

It’s the best tasting coffee

Selena, Sydney

Long time customer and lover of all things Kua! Slick impact focused website, personalized messages in my deliveries and now even a monthly narrative. Taking something as dear to peoples hearts as coffee and turning it into an engine for change - what’s not to love?

Anuj, Sydney

We really love your coffee and everything that Kua stands for.

Bailey, Melbourne