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Will Shapley, 01 April 2023

Packaging updates

Dear Kua Coffee Drinkers,

You may have noticed a few things looking a bit different with your orders recently, most obviously a few hand-labeled, or re-labeled bags along with the removal of the 2.5kg option.

It may seem like we’re being forgetful, or haphazard, but it’s actually the opposite. We’ve the conscious choice to streamline our packaging, for both environment and customer experience but are very much aware of how irresponsible it would be of us not to use the remaining packaging we have.

Thumbs up for some beautiful Kua boxes

We’re currently looking into alternatives to reduce emissions in our packaging. For context; our bags, whilst fantastic, currently ship from New Zealand. We’re looking at Victorian providers who meet our current standards, (if not exceed them) for great looking, carbon friendly packaging. As with anything worth doing, this takes time, all we request is your patience as we transition over.

Soon enough you will see hand stamped dates with biodegradable ink, and handwritten titles to denote all our coffees, with the exception of the super popular Kua Blue.

In addition we want to highlight the incredible producers and their processing methods, giving you the opportunity to feel more connected to the supply chain, all the while still getting the delicious coffee you deserve. Furthermore you will be able to deep dive via a new QR code on each bag, for all the coffee nerds and anyone who wants to really get stuck into the nitty gritty of their daily brew.

Kua blue bag in a retail box ready for shipping
Kua blue bag in a retail box ready for shipping

Till then, here are some numbers for you to digest.

In April alone, as part of our $1 per kilo donation commitment, we contributed $1942 to The Cup That Counts. These funds will go towards bonus payments for the Zukuka Bora producers, these off season payments see families with funds year round and the ability to send children to school and invest in future harvests.

Happy Days

Will & the roastery team