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Kua & Commonfolk, 01 February 2023

Kua is merging with Commonfolk

The Kua Letter to Coffee Drinkers is a monthly letter printed on the back of our online packing slips. Topics range from coffee harvest reports, to team updates, to recipes for coffee biscuits. This content was originally shared in the January 2023 Letter To Coffee Drinkers.

We have exciting news! In 2023 Kua will be merging with our long-time friends Commonfolk Coffee.

Throughout 2022 the Kua team were looking for ways to grow our service and impact. We tried investment (you may remember the Letters To Coffee Drinkers from May, July and October). Now, we’ve found a new way - merging with an old friend. In reflection, this is a much more ‘Kua’ way to grow.

Darcy and Brody from Kua meet Sam from Commonfolk, a very long time ago.
Darcy and Brody from Kua meet Sam from Commonfolk, a long time ago

Both the Kua and Commonfolk teams are super excited. This not only represents an expansion of Kua’s service and impact, but an opportunity for each of us to learn something from the other (eg: Commonfolk are going carbon neutral with our help).

For Darcy, Hamish, Digby & Bri who have been working on Kua together since university this represents an opportunity to take a step back and bring in new ideas.

So, what does all this mean? Who are Commonfolk? And what’s the plan?

Bri and Darcy from Kua and Sam from Commonfolk are holding a very casual AME (Ask Me Anything) where you can find the answers to all the questions above, and ask literally anything else.

Sign up and bring plenty of questions!

Sam, Bri, Darcy - Ask us anything!