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Digby Ayton, 01 March 2022

Kua Gold: Everything you need to know

Kua Gold, is our blend for filter. It's more subtle and fruity than Kua Blue, with same depth of flavour.

Kua Gold. Our blend for filter.
Kua Blue. A perfectly balanced coffee for all occasions.


Kua Gold is a single origin with a natural sweetness. 100% honey-processed arabica. Roasted medium. Notes of orange, white grape and honey. Delicious on filter (Aeropress, pour-over, etc).


Grown by smallholder farmers on Mount Elgon. Paid for at fair-trade prices or above. Producer partner: Zukuka Bora. Learn more about our ethical sourcing here.

Tech specs

Notes - Orange, White Grape, Honey
Varietals - Arabica - SL14, SL28
Processing - Honey
Q Grade - 86
Region - Mount Elgon, Uganda

Carbon footprint

All Kua products are carbon negative, offset at 200%. You can learn more about our carbon footprint here.

What's in the box?

Packing box - 80% recycled cardboard.
Packing slip - 100% recycled paper.
Packing tape - Virgin paper. 100% recyclable .
Packaging - recycled paper, compostable film & non-toxic ink. 100% home compostable.

Thanks for drinking Climate Positive coffee.

Happy days,

The Kua Team