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Digby Ayton, 01 January 2022

Kua Blue: Everything you need to know

Kua Blue, formally known as Kua Classic. Our longest standing, most versatile, most loved, perfectly balanced, iconic, classic, full-bodied, go-to blend. In short, it's the Kua blend.

90% of Kua Businesses drink Kua Blue and 60% of Kua Home customers do the same. If you're looking to try Kua coffee, start with Kua Blue.

Kua Blue. A perfectly balanced coffee for all occasions.
Kua Blue. A perfectly balanced coffee for all occasions.


Kua Blue is a blend of two coffees from the same mountain. 70% of the blend is washed arabica, this gives Kua Blue its balanced and smooth baseline flavour. 30% of the blend is honey arabica, this gives Kua Blue its sweet and fruity pop. Both coffees are roasted medium. The result is a perfectly balanced coffee for all occasions. Delicious on filter, stovetop or espresso. Notes of blueberry, citrus and cocoa.


Grown by smallholder farmers on Mount Elgon. Paid for at fair-trade prices or above. Producer partners: Kyagalanyi and Zukuka Bora. Learn more about our ethical sourcing here.

Tech specs

Flavour notes - Blueberry, Citrus and Cocoa
Varietals - Arabica - SL14, SL28
Processing - Washed and Honey
Q Grade - 83 - 86
Region - Mount Elgon, Uganda
Altitude - 1800 MASL

Carbon footprint

All Kua products are carbon negative, offset at 200%. You can learn more about our carbon footprint here.

What's in the box?

Packing box - 80% recycled cardboard.
Packing slip - 100% recycled paper.
Packing tape - Virgin paper. 100% recyclable .
Packaging - recycled paper, compostable film & non-toxic ink. 100% home compostable.

Thanks for drinking Climate Positive coffee.

Happy days,

The Kua Team