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Digby Ayton, 31 March 2022

Kua Subscriptions Are Changing

Kua writes a Letter To Coffee Drinkers once a month. Topics range from daily goings on, to updates on Kua’s strategy, to recipes for coffee biscuits. The content below was the Letter To Coffee Drinkers for March 2022.

Dear Kua Coffee Drinkers,
This letter is being written by Kua's design and development team. Hand in hand, we are here to announce exciting news.

A message from Digby
Most of my work at Kua is in brand and design, but many of you will know me as the person who replies to your emails, changes your addresses and adjusts your subscriptions. Well, as of the 14th of March 2022 I will have officially designed myself out of that job.

It all started with a sketch of an idea (now named Kua 2.0):

A sketch of Kua 2.0

I was so proud I even wrote to you about it. Here's a quote from the December Letter to Coffee Drinkers: 'Kua 2.0 will mean you can adjust your subscription at the click of a button, shuffle blends like cards on a table and access support from the Kua team whenever you need it.'

We excitedly hired Allan Pooley, our friend and website developer, and pitched the idea.

A message from Allan
For the past two years, Digby and I would meet in a park in Surry Hills for lunch. We would dream up design and tech projects for Kua. We were always incredibly frugal with our plans, as we knew that for the most part we would be moonlighting, working outside of office hours to see them complete. Out of this relationship came the first Kua at Home subscription service, and a digital exhibition for CameraSwap.

The original Kua at Home service was born one sweltering weekend in the Kua Shed. We built out the tech then and there and we were all very happy with what we were able to accomplish. However, corners were cut.

When Digby pitched the idea for Kua 2.0 I knew that what he was describing was a project befitting a team of engineers, and I was but one. What I did offer was the subscription service I’d have built for them if I had more time than one weekend in the Kua shed. And furthermore, to rebuild the entire site along with it, with the body (frontend interface) and engine (tech) that reflected the growth of the brand, the company and its individual members. The new store is a taste of what’s more to come. I hope you like it!


Thank you again for your support, feedback and wonderful ideas. More exciting developments to come.
Happy days,

Allan, Digby & The Kua Team