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Digby Ayton, 16 December 2020

How to compost your Kua packaging

If you order our coffee online, you make a promise to compost the bag it comes in. Keeping this promise means you save carbon emissions and space in landfill.

Of course, the other option is toss your Kua bag in the bin. But this is not just a broken promise, it's a slow and festering death* in landfill for our coffee bag.

* We really mean 'festering death' –– without air or microbes to speed the decomposition process, food-waste, paper, and compostable packaging will not break down. Instead they produce methane; a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide.

An aerial shot of waste in a landfill site
It is ridiculous to bury your waste in landfill

How do you compost the Kua packaging?

There are three options:

  1. Compost at home. All you need a healthy compost bin with plenty of worms, air, and heat (if you need help getting one going check out Compost Revolution). And composting is 3x faster if you cut the bags up into small pieces. See below for a few tips.
  2. Place your Kua bag in your ‘green’ bin. More and more councils are starting to offer organics bins. Randwick City Council (where the Kua warehouse lives) is a prime example.

    Councils will differ on what they accept, so always double check. But in general, if you have a food organics bin, 100% compostable packing like ours is accepted.
  3. Return your bags to us and we’ll compost them for you. Some people don’t have a compost or a green bin, that’s ok, just return your bag to us. Fold and pop them in an envelope (find our address here).
An empty bag of Kua coffee placed at the top of a compost bin

A useful tip to get things moving:

If you're composting at home you can speed up the breakdown of your Kua packaging by shredding your bag or cutting it up with scissors. This helps the worms and other microbes by breaking it up into bite-sized pieces.

A compostable bag, cut up into smaller pieces for little worm mouthes
Worms have micro-mouths, shredding anything will help it compost faster

What's in a Kua package?


  • Recycled paper, compostable film and non-toxic ink.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand, using 80% renewable power.


  • Australian made packing box made from 80% recycled cardboard.
  • Recycled packing tape.

Packing slip:

  • Envirocare 100% recycled paper

If you have questions, please get in touch. Otherwise, Happy composting!