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Brianna Kerr, 21 April 2021

Kua is Carbon Negative

As of March 2021, Kua is Carbon negative. We will measure and reduce our footprint every year and offset the remainder at 200%. We commit to doing this until the world emerges from the climate crisis and global emissions hit net-zero.

Want to learn more? We shot three videos which break down the key principles of Carbon negativity; measure, reduce, offset. Each conversation dives into our process and then finishes with the question 'how can others apply these principles to their daily lives?'

In conversation No. 1 we talk with Lauren and Lachie about footprint measurement.

Data was collected in partnership with MIT’s Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE). If you want to take an even deeper dive, get in touch, we'll share the master spreadsheet with you.

In conversation No. 2 Bri talks to Digby about reducing carbon footprints while sitting in the park. If you are interested in learning more we recommend reading: 'How Bad Are Bananas' by Mike Berners-Lee. It's a wonderful guide to everything Carbon Footprint - enjoyable, succinct and practical all at the same time.

Bri talks to Digby this time. The mysterious world of carbon offsetting, conversation No. 3.

For those wondering how this all breaks down. Here you go:

Kua's Carbon Footprint 2021

As always, Kua believes in radical transparency if you have any questions or ideas, get in touch.