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Kua Team, 22 July 2021

The Kua CameraSwap is live

A year and two continents in the making.

Evalyn, a coffee farmer in Uganda

In late 2020 Kua sent five film cameras to coffee farmers on Mount Elgon. The farmers and their families took photos of the coffee harvest and life on the mountain. At the same time, cameras were sent out to coffee drinkers who took photos of their life in Sydney, drinking the coffee that was grown by those same farmers.

The Kua CameraSwap is a project about connection. We are handing the camera over, letting coffee farmers and drinkers tell their own stories, through their own eyes. So far, the photos have been authentic, raw and beautiful, but this is only the beginning.

A laptop setup at a dining room table, working from home

The photo above is taken by Sofia, a coffee drinker in Sydney. Sofia is one of 15 coffee drinkers (both at work and at home) who have participated in the project so far. In the coming weeks, Kua will be sending more and more cameras out to coffee drinkers.

If you're a Kua Online subscriber, a camera may randomly turn up with your usual coffee order. If you're a member of a partner workplace, Kua will be working with your team to distribute cameras to employees.

A CameraSwap camera being packaged and ready to send to a Kua customer

If you're lucky enough to participate in this project, we hope it gives you an opportunity to reflect on your role in the supply chain and connect with those who are also part of this global coffee story.

In August we'll be releasing a website which connects the CameraSwap images and story with a larger audience. In late October we will hold a CameraSwap photo exhibition. In November the Ugandan coffee harvest season starts to move once more and the cameras will be back on their way to coffee farmers. This is a project that will continue for many years to come.

If you wish to support this project we are open to partnership in funding, printing and communications. Contact us here. A massive thank you to our partners in Uganda Zukuka Bora Coffee Company.

If you wish to participate as a photographer, subscribe to Kua at Home or get Kua at Work.

Follow along on @instagram.