We believe in big handprints. 

About Kua

It all began...

It was mid-2017 and two Australian students found themselves spending a study break in rural Uganda. Inspired by the energy, passion and quirks of the people they met, they decided to start something back in Sydney. 

As housemates

They rounded up a team of six, rented a share-house and spent a year living together, cooking together, building a world-positive startup together … and drinking lots of specialty Ugandan coffee. 

For happy days

Now, our team live by the motto of ‘happy days’ - a simple phrase to remind us of a world and culture we’d like to be a part of. We’re working towards happy days for our stakeholders, children and those experiencing the mounting injustices of climate change.

Learn about our Happy Days Project here.
Most companies have footprints. We’re striving to leave a handprint: a net-positive impact on society and the environment. How?

Improved wellbeing

For all who touch Kua coffee - including growers, drinkers and our team. 

Complete circularity

For all material inputs and resources, starting with our coffee and its packaging.

Climate justice

For all vulnerable stakeholders and future generations, here and in Uganda. 

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