Defining World Positive Coffee with Canva, PwC and Aesop.

Raising funds to 10X impact

Launched 2019, Kua is the social enterprise coffee supplier for progressive workplaces.

From farmer livelihoods in Uganda to waste diversion in Sydney, Kua's impact scales with coffee volume. We're ready to 10X that volume and make World Positive the new normal for coffee.

Ethically sourced, direct from farmers.

Farming families are paid directly, without brokers, at 15% above UTZ-certified prices.

All coffee grounds recycled.

Coffee is delivered and collected in reusable canisters, meaning all used grounds are recycled in local community gardens.

100% profits fund climate resilience.

Profits support farmers in regenerating over-cultivated land, offsetting Kua's carbon footprint in the process.

In 2020, Kua sold 2T coffee. We will sell 10T in 2021 and 20T in 2022.

Supported by an expert advisory board, Kua's founding team is growth-ready. Join us on the journey to $1M ARR, expansion to Melbourne and PNG and release of an industry-first reusable packaging solution.

Kua is one of those rare entities where the cause is as important as the business it conducts.

- Rob Keldoulis Lead Funder and Founder VivCourt

A company's direct impact licenses its role in driving systemic impact.

- Kirstin Hunter Advisor and Co-Founder Future Super

Kua contextualises our social procurement strategy and inspires our members to go greener.

- Meg Reckord Customer and Community Lead at The Commons

Accepting EOIs

Until September 2021, Kua is partnering with values-aligned funders to help kick our goal of 30T by 2023. Start the conversation here.

Download the pitch.