We do world-positive coffee for workplaces.


We source specialty coffee ...

Our farming families live on the slopes of East Africa’s oldest extinct volcano - Mount Elgon, Uganda. They hand pick only the juiciest of coffee cherries, and for this, we pay the fairest prices on the mountain.


deliver to your door, in reusable canisters. 

Who needs single-use bags? Kua coffee comes in canisters, arriving fortnightly, freshly roasted. The office coffee snob might even taste notes of silky chocolate and punchy blackcurrants. 


You spark change, every morning … 

All profits are used to build climate resilience in our coffee growing region, by planting native trees and building soil-conserving waterways. Every cup transforms 4 square meters of over-cultivated Mount Elgon land, so why not make another?


we repurpose all used coffee grounds. 

Used coffee is a natural resource. It shouldn’t end up in landfills, creating carbon emissions. That’s why we collect and redistribute it to local community gardens and reuse projects. Welcome to the circular economy. 

Does your workplace do world-positive coffee?

Closed-loop, specialty coffee

  • Prices from $32/kg
  • Workplaces of 50 - 5000 employees
  • Zero waste in-office service
  • Adjustable subscription, no lock-in
  • Roasted and delivered fortnightly

Tailored equipment packages

  • Rental prices from $43/week 
  • Premium automatic and manual options
  • Servicing included
  • Programmed for Ugandan flavour profile
  • Staff induction and ongoing support

Immersive sustainability workshops

  • Sessions from $800
  • Visit Uganda in immersive virtual reality
  • Craft take-home coffee scrubs
  • Master the barista basics
  • Engage in genuine CSR

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