Why did we change?

Posted by Kua TeamMay 13, 2019

One year ago, Bugisu Project was born. Inspired by the energy of Uganda and its people, we decided to start something that could give back.

Monday May 13th is our first anniversary, marking twelve fast and inspiring months. We’re stoked with what we’ve achieved and are excited by what’s next. To celebrate, we’ve decided to make a change.

Bugisu Project will become ‘Kua’. Here’s why …

The challenges facing our fine planet and its people tower over individuals, organisations and even nations. A happy future demands more than a ‘project’. We need movement. Every cup of coffee does good, but it must also spark the question: what else can we change?

‘Bugisu’ is where we started. It’s a beautiful place, but we’re not locals. Our current model is powerful in that it connects the dots. Bugisu with Sydney. If this model is borderless and replicable however, it becomes even more powerful. 

Change can’t be confined to a singular initiative or a specific place. Change needs growth and collaboration. Change is about connecting and inspiring people for a shared purpose. In East Africa, Swahili is a bridge language; a connector. A common dialect that enables communities to work together. For us, that’s a powerful metaphor.

In Swahili, ‘to grow’ is spoken as: Kua.

That’s us. We’re young and idealistic and want to change the world. We’re always learning and growing. You should join us. Drink Kua coffee. 

Chameleons! The experts of change.

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