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Posted by Digby AytonMay 5, 2020

Our friends Little & Big Studio made our website, and it made mobile site of the week on awwwards.com!

In early 2019 two things happened: we realised our Squarespace site was tired and boring, and we met Little & Big (Sakura & Allan) by the coffee machine at our workspace (The Commons). Sakura and Allan were just like us, new to the world of business, with heads full of ideas. We had one meeting, they told us they would like to make the Kua site. We said yes.

What followed was a year of meetings, ideas, discussions (arguments) and sketches on small pieces of paper.

Sakura (designer) & Allan (developer) from Little & Big

We had three goals for the project: have fun, win an award and engage our users with their impact.

The Kua team came up with this weird idea of getting each visitor to calculate their personal impact on entry to the website. Little and Big were worried this would be a frustrating barrier to anyone who wanted to learn about us. Digby (Kua creative person) said that he did not care if people hated the site as long as they felt something.

Sakura & Allan went away and came back with the impact calculator (kuacoffee.co). We thought it a marvellous way to communicate what we do. A story tailored to each and every visitor. The power of a cup of coffee!

The rest of the design grew from there. Our focus was always to engage users on a personal level and we strove to do this with restraint. We structured information in stages, inviting people to learn more only if they wanted to. We kept our colours bold and used them to distinguish each page. To reinforce our youthful energy, we let all our visuals extend well past the borders of the screen. Darcy wrote some great copy. We gathered our most personal imagery. And now, here we are.

If we measure against our three goals we can officially pronounce kuacoffee.co a success. Visitors are engaged with their personal impact (we hope), we all had a great time making the thing, and now, we have won an award (well, it’s only mobile site of the week, but the website is called Awwwards so come on).

You can view Little & Big's beautiful portfolio here.

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