Redefining Australian Coffee Culture

Posted by Cooler ConscienceJanuary 28, 2021

Did you know that nearly 19 million Australians drink coffee? Yes, 75% of the Australian population drink coffee, of those, 28% have three or more cups daily. In fact, Australia as a nation consumes a whopping 37 million kilograms of coffee a year.

With the abundance of sunshine, incredible dining options, and of course, countless amounts of cafes to find your perfect cup of brew, the majority of Australians live a fruitful life, with a world-renowned coffee culture.  

The COVID-19 Pandemic did two mentionable things to Australian coffee culture in 2020. Firstly, the majority of corporate Australians were made to work from home for the first time. Local cafes were made a little less accessible for some, consequently driving coffee consumers to more frequently make their own coffee at home, whether through a blend, a machine, or through instant alternatives. Second of all, with the increased number of consumers making their own coffee, coffee enthusiasts now had new-found control of their bag of beans, where their coffee is sourced from, and the impact that could make by choosing a more ethical sourcing. 

Introducing Kua, a Sydney-based World Positive coffee company founded by Darcy Small and Brody Smith. Kua does world-positive coffee for workplaces (with home-delivery optional), where 100% of profits go to putting their farmers on the path to climate resilience. With their sustainable coffee sourced from the steep slopes of Mount Elgon, Uganda, Kua buys the coffee in a way that improves farmer wellbeing by providing hungry-season bonuses and supporting sustainable farming workshops. 

Most importantly, Kua is on a mission to redefine coffee culture. With Australians slowly coming back into the office this year, Kua is challenging workplaces, employers, and employees to be more conscious of their coffee consumption, and aware of the impact they can make when they choose more ethical, and world-positive beans. Statista states that nearly 45% of Australians choose to make their coffee instead of buy from a cafe, so the opportunity to make an incredible difference is there. 

With all the events of 2020, consumers are becoming more socially-conscious of their impact on society, as are employees and employers. Studies from Forbes show that a huge 53% of workers desire a job where they can make an impact. 

Kua is giving employers the opportunity to make a difference, and an opportunity for employees to consume their coffees in a more affordable and conscious way. Coffee isn’t always good for the planet, with land corrosions and carbon emissions, but Kua embeds solutions to these issues within its service. Kua delivers their coffee in reusable canisters, collects all used coffee grounds for repurposing and funds the Trees for Global Benefit Program in Uganda. 

If you are interested in bringing more sustainable initiatives into your workplace and office kitchen in 2021, Kua is offering a free cupping session so you can see whether the taste is as good as the impact. Simply fill out this form to get started with Kua. 

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